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Keihin Off Road Carburetors

PWK Carb PWM Carb PJ Carb


PWK Carburetors

Standard Jetting | PWK28 Parts List | PWK28 Exploded View
Dimensions | PWK 33-39 Parts List | PWK 33-39 Exploded View

pwk_sm.jpg (3796 bytes) The motocross world knows PWK. Keihin PWK carburetor is the dominant carb on the factory motocross machines. Because of their great performance they come stock on a lot of the leading brand bikes.
This High Performance carburetor is a great choice for all of your motocross, off-road or ATV applications.


PWM Carburetors

Standard Jetting | Dimensions | Parts List | Exploded View

pwm_sm.jpg (3391 bytes) An improvement over the best
  • Shorter overall length for better top end power.
  • New throttle slide design for improved main nozzle signal.
  • Easy access to both the main and slow jets through the bowl plug screw.
  • Single control for both idle speed and enrichener settings.


PJ Carburetors

Standard Jetting | Dimensions | Parts List | Exploded View

pj_sm.jpg (3541 bytes) The best seller for 2 stroke Engines

Note: This carburetor has been discontinued. Carb Parts Warehouse has all the parts you need in stock.